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Maximum Performance & Reliability Denso VXEBH27 iridium spark plugs Triple electrode Compatible with : Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ Standard grade Ideal for standard and sporty use


Thread length : 26.5 mm

Total length : 72 mm (exc. electrode)

Thread type : M12x1.25

Socket size : 14


Denso Iridium VXEBH27 Spark Plug Specifications

Whatever your use or engine set-up, the correct choice of spark plug is very important. Iridium is very heavy and dense metal, ensuring that Denso spark plugs have a longer lifespan than OEM ones, withstanding more than 100.000 km in standard use.


Recommended for all Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ models, for use both on the road and on track. Application List Toyota GT86 (4U-GSE) Subaru BRZ (FA20)


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